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Arkansas is a great place in many ways, but when it comes to finding meteorites, it's one of the best places in the country. You are pulled down to the Strip, where you can sniff gasoline and oil to your heart's content.

Built in 1836, it is the oldest surviving capital of the United States and today serves as a museum of Arkansas history. It was once a two-story, white-columned building built in 1908 and home to the Paragould Meteorite Museum, one of Arkansas most famous meteorites. Built in 1850 and opened seven years ago with the help of volunteers, the city is Arkansas' first surviving modern capital. Over the years, it has destroyed several homes, including the Arkansas State Capitol, the State House and the State Capitol Building, as well as other buildings.

Today, the history of this historic river port is shared with the Paragould Museum of Natural History, the Arkansas State Museum, and other local and national organizations.

The museum's educational center focuses on the history of the Arkansas State Museum and Paragould's historical and cultural heritage. The Natural History Museum, the State Museum and other local and national organisations focus on history, art, natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics education, as well as history and natural science education.

The collection of Native American artifacts collected in Arkansas is noteworthy, as are motorized models of shipwrecks and cargo ships in Arkansas waterways.

The organization is exploring the possibility of finding a museum where such relics can be housed. Once the museum is established, the group will consider various grants that could be available for local museums, Addison said.

People who wish to see Greene County with their own museum are invited to participate in the event and express their opinions. The April 8 meeting will give GCGHS members a better understanding of how many people in Greene County want a museum, Addison said. Unless otherwise noted, the following events are extracted from the April 7, 2016 issue of the journal Arkansas Historical Society.

Nestled in a two-acre park - like a venue - the museum features a variety of exhibits on the history of Greene County and the state of Arkansas, as well as local history. The museum is also a leading educational museum where students work with the collection and produce exhibitions according to a formal curriculum taught by museum staff. The museum has a collection of more than 1,000 artifacts from the Arkansas Museum of Natural History. Look at a rotating formation, "with an animated map illustrating the Arkansas county boundary changes.

The Arkansas Discovery Network, funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing innovative discovery experiences to Arkansas youth. The Arkansas State University Museum, located on the A-State Campus in Jonesboro, AR, is one of the largest museums in the state serving the university and the general public. Founded in 1924 as the first museum of its kind in Arkansas, the museum houses more than 1,000 artifacts from the Arkansas Natural History Museum.

Officially opened in 1986, the Arkansas Natural Resources Museum is located on the Arkansas State University campus in Jonesboro, AR, south of the A-State campus. The park includes a museum, an outdoor amphitheatre, a children's playground and a playground for children under 5 years of age.

The former Greene County courthouse is one of 12 sites in Paragould listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visit the museum's historic grounds and explore the pre-Civil War neighborhood, including the old house that still stands in Little Rock and the site of William Woodruff's print of the Arkansas Gazette. It features a Civil War Memorial Walk, with six markers depicting the role of Pocahontas and Randolph County in the Civil War, including their service. One of the rooms is dedicated to the history of Randolph and Greene counties, on which the museum is based.

Probably the most famous museum in the country, the Old State House Museum, has been designated a National Historic Landmark. It is located on the oldest preserved capital of the state west of the Mississippi River and is also one of Arkansas most popular tourist attractions. Historic Washington State Park is another Arkansas State Park you want to visit.

Surrounded by the Arkansas River Valley, known for its natural beauty, Dardanelle Lake is a vast, 300-acre reservoir. The picturesque location at the foot of the Ouachita Mountains is a combination that will delight outdoor enthusiasts. Fishermen and nature lovers will enjoy spring - the water of the lake is fed, and a variety of habitats for animals. In the 1960s, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission established a 640-acre seizure zone to provide fishing and recreation.

The museum was founded in April 2004 and later elected by the museum's board of directors. There are currently 150 wineries in Arkansas bound by the federal government since the ban was lifted, and more than 1,000 Arkansas permits for wine production.

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More About Paragould