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Although Paragould has many modern amenities, including a shopping mall, hospital, and manufacturing company, it has not lost touch with its small-town roots. Historic brick shops still fill downtown Paraguay, and neighbors still greet each other in passing.

The Arkansas State University of Arkansas Medical Center is located in Paragould, a small town of about 1,000 people.

Paragould is also home to one of the largest kayaking lakes in the state of Arkansas, the Paragoulder River, and is now part of our Arkansas Heritage Trails System. This historic highway runs through the Ozarks and in Arkansas alone stretches for nearly 200 miles. The route runs along Highway 141 in Paraguay and through it on the way to the Arkansas State University campus in Little Rock.

The city is located in Greene County, Arkansas, south of Arkansas State University in Little Rock. The arrival of the railways brought the next century and growth has not stopped since. By the end of 1910, Paragould had a population of about 1,000 people and an average annual income of $2,500. In the 1870s, Gould and Paramore built a competing railway line that ran through Greene County. Gould's ran south to Helena and the Paramore Line would connect Arkansas and Texas.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city was a small town with about 1,000 inhabitants and an annual income of $2,500. Because of the deciduous forests that surrounded the area, Paragould has become a thriving community with an abundance of natural resources such as water, land and wood.

I just wish that the people who work there had the knowledge and experience to deal with the public, as is the case in some other places in the city. They just seem to have a lot of different people and behave as if they were working for a wage and trying to do a good job. If you are the owner who pays someone to work for you, you cannot expect them to be a smart ass, not to visit your friends, sit on their butts and pretend you are running a drug ring.

Paragould is located on Crowley Ridge, Arkansas, and was founded in 1884. Paragould owes its name to its location on the east side of the Arkansas River. Arkansas is located in the state of Arkansas and has a population of about 26,000 people. Located south of Little Rock and north of Fort Smith, it is a Main Street community. The downtown area is on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of only a handful of Arkansas cities with such a designation.

Two men were fishing in the Arkansas River when they discovered a three-foot-and-a-half-foot bone buried in deep sand. He only managed to grunt and paused for a moment to rub two brain cells together before his thought process got under way. I finally had enough of my daughter asking me for my backside, so I got up.

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