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Arkansas University basketball team, the Arkansans, had a successful weekend, winning their second consecutive tournament title. After a 9-6 victory over University, HLGU won its third straight game 6-2 and its fourth in a row.

The second game was similar to the first, when CRC jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the second inning, but HLGU countered with four runs of its own in the top of the third to take the lead. Matt Jones (R, Washington, Mo.) scored the final two runs with a two-man double on base. There were two outs to the two - from the top 10 when HLGu earned three runs to end the game.

Eduardo Ibarra (JR, Caracas, Venezuela) led off the inning with a single and advanced to third on a wild pitch and a misplaced grounder. He followed with an RBI single in right field and scored the game - earned. In Game Two, junior right-hander Matt Jones (R, Washington, Mo.) got the win with two outs in the top inning of the ninth inning with three hits and two walks.

Cook finished his 11th season as Paragould's girls' coach in March and was hired as the new girls' basketball coach in Cabot shortly after. The senior star signed a letter of intent to play softball at Delta C-7, a junior high school in Kansas City. Mo Kagan will be the starting catcher for the baseball team because Delta The C / 7 does not offer softballs at the level of the junior women. Delta, C + 7 has a total of 12 players, the minimum number required to make a team.

This could be the senior's last chance to compete, as not everyone plays at college level, according to Paraglider's athletic director.

The Trojans will stay at home for the rest of the regular season before returning to conference play on Saturday, November 5 at 7 p.m. in the first game of a three-game road trip against Missouri Baptist University.

The Trojans took the lead in the first inning before HLGU came back in the third inning to level the game, but fell behind by three runs before the Pioneers returned to overtime with a two-run home run and two more runs. The Pioneer tied the game in each of their first two games before pinning them back - too - in the sixth and again in the seventh inning.

The filling material from the old field had to be used again, and the process took a little longer than usual. Although the project was completed before the start of the football season, it was partly due to the weather that all the panels on the older field were used. The team cleaned up and disinfected the infill before it could be applied to the new turf, but overall we were able to work together as a team to get it finished on time.

The quality of the separation process allowed us to reuse the money saved by the original backfill, rather than leaving it in the landfill. I cannot say enough about the way we were treated by visitors who were able to observe and experience the grass removal process and I was impressed by the professionalism shown by the staff. Central America has solved the problem, and the only unknown is the cost of dumping this turf in landfills.

The removal system left behind a roll of clean carpet that quickly became the lawn for our indoor facility that our baseball instructors in the area wanted. Our new filler has done a great job separating the filler from the debris that had accumulated on our lawn over the past ten years.

Mya Love - Nettleton led the East in scoring and was a staunch defender who earned the game's MVP title. Kagan appreciates the time her mother has spent helping her play softball this year. She's a cheerleader and also plays volleyball, but she wants to help people heal their injuries so they can feel better and get back to their normal lives, she said.

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